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About Us

Kappa Phi Lambda is an Asian-interest, but not Asian-exclusive, sorority grounded in the three pillars of sisterhood, service, and cultural diversity. The Associate Chapter at Wright State University was founded on April 1, 2022. Our sisterhood is represented at 36 schools with over 4,000 sisters nationwide.


Why Kappas?

Kappa Phi Lambda is a nonprofit, Asian-interest sorority with the mission is to make a difference in the Asian-American community through sisterhood, coming together to serve the community, and hosting events that promote cultural diversity and awareness. Even though we are Asian-interested, we are NOT Asian-exclusive. With over 4,000 sisters worldwide, we are the fastest growing and strongest Asian-interest sorority in the nation!

We are the first Asian Interest and Multicultural sorority on campus! Our goal is to provide a space to empower women and spread education and learning about different cultures to help create an inclusive and welcoming campus!

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